Team Members

Dental surgeon J. Paulauskas who performs over 500 dental implant surgeries per year and specializes in sinus lift operations. With 99.975% sucess rate with Straumann Implants at our clinic! Our patients love dealing with Jurgis because he removes the fear factor, he is very easy to talk to and a patient understands every step of the procedure.
Endodontic treatments and cosmetic dentistry dentist L. Vaitkute. Who is one of the few doctors in ireland that specializes in the newest prosthetic treatments like Bredent dentures and Bre-flex partial dentures. 7 years of international experience, the last 3 years were spent at Centre dentaire st Lazare clinic in Paris, France. Our patients say that Laura's business card is her profesionalism and transperancy.
Orthodontist dr. J. Banasik with 25 years of experience in dentistry. He is fitting traditional and clear cosmetic braces, and works with Invisalign System, Incognito lingual braces, Insignia Braces System. His work of art includes some really challenging and difficult cases. Janusz makes a lot of people smile again.
Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry for a beautiful smile!

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