Dentist & Therapist

Dr. Algirdas Karbauskas

Dr. Algirdas Karbauskas has been taking care of patients’ smiles for over five years.  As a young and talented specialist, Dr. Algirdas puts in his best efforts as a Dentist/Therapist in helping his patients overcome various common oral health issues that require services of daily dentistry.

The enthusiastic specialist is constantly interested in new treatment methods and technologies. One of the most important fields of doctor’s professional interest is biomimetic – a repetition of natural laws in medical practice. Dr. A. Karbauskas includes biomimetical approaches in daily dentistry practice, which allows him to achieve excellent and natural results, while preserving the patient‘s natural dental tissues as much as possible.

He believes that everything depends on small details and precision. That’s why he can’t imagine his work without at least 4x magnifying loupes. Moreover, he uses dental dam for the majority of his patients, to guarantee the cleanliness of his working area and the comfort and safety of his patients.

Due to his natural passion for knowledge, Dr. A. Karbauskas has gained various skills across dental surgeries, implant dentistry, and dental prosthetics. Combined with his specialty as a dentist – therapist, this garnered experience widens up his abilities to effectively handle a wide range of procedures that goes beyond therapeutic dentistry.  And when he does, he executes them professionaly, with precision and care.

Dr. A. Karbauskas keeps his professional standards and improves his qualification by taking part in various seminars and training both in Lithuania and abroad. He has a Certificate in Bone Augmentation, and a Certificate of Participation with respect to a two – week course on Dental Innovation Practices organized by German Healthcare Professionals, who offers rich and extensive experience in the Dental Field, and in the German Healthcare Industry.

Dr. Algidras Karbauskas aquired his professional qualification in 2013 at the University of Health Science, Lithuania.